Bar Summer Hours


Monday  12-9:30 (Last Call 9:15)
Tuesday  12-9:30 (Last Call 9:15)
Wednesday  12-9:30 (Last Call 9:15)
Thursday  12-11:00 (Last Call 10:30)
Friday 10-7:00 (Last Call 6:30)
Saturday  10-7:00 (Last Call 6:30)
Sunday  10-7:00 (Last Call 6:30)

Please note that there may be extended hours due to events and there also may be times that the bar will be closed due to unforeseen circumstances.
We will announce these as needed.


Lodge Kitchen Update

We are finally getting close to opening the kitchen to have more food options!!!!
We will be serving bar food like sandwiches and appetizers once we are open.

  • The floor needs to be finished (about 3/4 of the way right now)
  • The new appliances and equipment need to be delivered and installed
  • The fire suppression system needs to be added
  • Local regulatory inspections such as fire and health inspections need to be completed

Our Goal is mid-July but this could be set back due to schedules, supply chain issues or other unforeseen delays.  We will keep everyone posted.